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Sessions & Speakers 2017

Session titles and speakers for the 2017 BTO Conference are listed below, organized by general topics:  Craft of Writing, Genre, Publishing/Marketing, Social Media for Writing and Poetry.

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Craft of Writing Sessions

LAURA OLIVER – Accepted! Tips for Developing a Standout Style

GAIL BARRETT  – Stop Messing with My Head!  A Crash Course on Point of View.

LYNN SCHWARTZ – It’s Not A Formula: Developing A Satisfying Plot

BARBARA ESSTMAN – SHOW vs. TELL: Just How Does that Work?

ART TAYLOR ​– The Short Story: Big Worlds in Small Spaces

AUSTIN CAMACHO ​– Bringing Diversity to Your Characters

KATHRYN JOHNSON  – Conflict, Action and Suspense:  Adding the Power that Sells

TARA LASKOWSKI  – Tiny but Mighty: How to Write Amazing Flash Fiction

LORIANN OBERLIN –  Writing Difficult People into Your Fiction and Nonfiction

ROBERT BIDINOTTO – Rejecting Reality: Making the Leap from Nonfiction to Novels

KHRIS BAXTER – Screenwriting Techniques for Writing Effective Dialogue

Genre Sessions

PANEL:  Writing for the Inspirational Market

ROBERT BLAKE WHITEHILL  – The Heart of the Thriller: the Interface  of Research and Creativity

GAIL BARRETT – Writing Romance that Resonates

GLEN FINLAND – True Lies: What Is Remembered in Memoir Writing

KATIE MOOSE – Want to Write a Cookbook? It’s Not as Easy as You Think!

MINDIE BURGOYNE  – Beyond What I Did on Vacation: An Introduction to Travel Writing

EMILY RICH – Going From Draft to Craft:  Submitting Your Work to Literary Magazines

Publishing & Marketing Sessions

ALLY MACHATE –  Forming and Using a Book Marketing "Street Team"

AUSTIN CAMACHO – One Writer's Marketing Journey

GREGG WILHELM – ​Publishing and Not Perishing: Options for Writers Who Want to Be Read

LORIANN OBERLIN – Writing to Make Money – A Quicker Approach

JOHN LEWIS and JIM DUFFY – Telling and Selling Stories

Social Media for Writers Sessions

LEIGH-ANNE LAWRENCE – Networking Online: Twitter for Authors

MINDIE BURGOYNE – 7 Ways to Raise Your Author Platform Through Social Media

LESLIE WALKER – Social Media Tools for Writers

Poetry Sessions

POETRY PANEL –  Perfect Words for an Imperfect World

JAMES ALLEN HALL  – Poetic Apertures:  Condensing and Expansive Strategies for Writing Poems

ERIN MURPHY  – Writing Documentary Poetry

MEREDITH DAVIES HADAWAY  -  Location, Location, Location:  Poetry of Place

Bay to Ocean Writers Conference

March 10, 2017

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