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Board of Directors Spotlight

  • 06 Mar 2017 2:03 PM | Webmaster (Administrator)

    Reading and writing have always been my escapes. Growing up, I was dismal in math and science, and this was the era of Science Fairs and the New Math. Writing was the one thing I could do very well. Making up stories about other people, other places. Putting myself elsewhere. Nourishing my sense of adventure.

    Wanting to actually eat while writing, I turned to news – working as a reporter, anchor, and producer in radio and TV. I moved the England with my Air Force husband and started travel writing, which I continued when I came back to the U.S. Did a stint as the PR Director for Maryland tourism – best job in the world! Dumbest thing I ever did was leave that to work in health care relations. Ugh!

    Currently, I have more than 200 published articles about everything from the international Scrabble competition to an analysis of a dam collapse in England. Fiction has taken a back seat, but NANOWRIMO beckons.

    I joined ESWA hoping for more contacts and assignment leads. My goal as Fearless Leader is to develop a strong group of active members. Since the group is so spread out geographically, it’s up to the members to make things happen. The members have to suggest, organize, and participate in activities; lead meet-ups; suggest meeting topics and venues; and any other idea that might appeal to the group.

    Past president Mindie Burgoyne and current president Ron Sauder have done an incredible job of creating a foundation for a very strong, active, and vital organization for the writers on the Eastern Shore. With the help of the members, this will continue.



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