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              SPEAKER     --    SESSION TITLE  

Arthur, James -- The Poem You Weren't Expecting – HANDOUTS

Campbell, Tara --  It's All About Us: Diversity in Speculative Fiction   HANDOUT

Childress, Lynne Streeter -- Playwriting: It Has A Message but It's Not Meh    HANDOUT

Eden, Meg -- Environmental Storytelling: Place as Narrative    HANDOUT

Elliott, Tara -- The Spark: Neuroscience, the Senses, and Memory   HANDOUT

Faatz, Kris -- More than Details: Working Your Setting  HANDOUT

Figg, Melanie -- Make a Place in your Life for your Writing: Build a Writing Routine that Works!  HANDOUT

Fowler, Stephanie -- Publisher's Panel  HANDOUT

Kozinski, David -- Cherrylog Road: Placing Your Poem to Expand, Evoke & Provoke   HANDOUT1  -- HANDOUT2

Mitchell, Nancy -- Deepening Our Perspectives in Writing Nature Poetry  HANDOUT

Nieves, John -- Hearing Poetry: The Sounds You Don't See  HANDOUT

    SPEAKER     --     SESSION TITLE  

    Quinn, Ann - Artifact as Muse: Using the Things We Share to Bring Nonfiction and Poetry to Life!   HANDOUT1    HANDOUT2

    Raffish, Robbie --  What Do you Mean I Have to Give Interviews? HANDOUT

    Sakaduski, Nancy --  Publisher's Panel  HANDOUT

    Sauder, Ron --  Publisher's Panel  HANDOUT

    Severn, Fran -- Quarantined at the Keyboard HANDOUT1, HANDOUT2

    Shovan, Laura with Ann Braken, Linda Joy Burke, & Faye McCray -- How Reading, Hosting, or Starting Your Own Literary Reading Series Can Boost Your Career HANDOUT

    Solovey, Lizzy -- Mapping Memories: A Nostalgic Stroll Through Your Childhood Neighborhood  HANDOUT

    Valdata, Pat - How Would You Describe That? - HANDOUT

    Weber, Ted -- How to Connect Your Readers to Your Characters  HANDOUT

    Woods, Cherrie How to Promote Your Own Book  HANDOUT

    MARCH 20, 2021
    Online via ZOOM -- See Schedule Grid Below (Scroll down for speaker handouts)

    TAKE 5 Workshops in One Exciting Day!

    Choose 1 of 6 different sessions each hour

    The 24th annual BTO conference will be held Saturday, March 20, 2021, online via Zoom.  You can click here to download a high-resolution version of the schedule grid above if you'd like to print a copy for your reference during the conference. 

    Once you are registered,  a link to the BTO Zoom conference will be emailed to you 24 hours before it starts, along with a PDF of the session grid shown above and instructions on how to move between breakout rooms. If you plan on joining us, please download the latest version of Zoom. It is important to have the latest version to fully utilize our breakout rooms.


    Speakers with handouts are listed alphabetically by last name below, with links to their handout files

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